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The Baltimore Waterfront Art Fair

Enter The Baltimore Waterfront Holiday Art Fair, an exquisite showcase that exudes the spirit of larger known fairs while infusing its own unique charm. This boutique art fair is the epitome of elegance and sophistication, bringing forth an array of beautiful and one-of-a-kind masterpieces that are destined to redefine the holiday gift-giving season.

In the heart of Baltimore, a city that has long been a hub for cultural diversity and artistic expression, the Baltimore Waterfront Art Fair unfurls its tapestry of artistic excellence. Like the city itself, the fair is a fusion of tradition and innovation, a harmonious blend of old-world charm and contemporary vision. 

Set against the backdrop of Baltimore's picturesque waterfront, the fair beckons both art connoisseurs and novices alike to explore its treasure trove of original paintings, sculptures, and handcrafted works of art. Each piece, carefully curated to captivate the senses, tells a story of its own, inviting viewers to delve into the minds and souls of the artists.

The Baltimore Waterfront Art Fair serves as a testament to the thriving arts scene in the city. It embodies the essence of art fairs from New York to Miami, known for their vibrancy and avant-garde spirit, and yet, it carries a distinctive Baltimorean flair. This fusion gives rise to an event that promises to be a veritable feast for the eyes and a source of inspiration for all who attend.

As the holiday season approaches, the fair becomes more than just a celebration of art; it becomes a haven for those seeking the perfect gift that speaks volumes about thoughtfulness and creativity. Here, you will discover gifts that transcend the ordinary, offering a profound connection between giver and recipient.


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Art Fair Grounds

12 charming, eight-foot by eight-foot tents, each housing an array of awe-inspiring local artists and their original creations. From stunning paintings to meticulously crafted sculptures, delicate jewelry to hand-carved wooden wonders, the Holiday Artisan Market showcases the very best of local talent that stretches from New York to DC. Thanks to a partnership with Amtrak, this holiday event has the potential to draw artists from near and far, making it an eclectic and vibrant celebration of creativity.

Holiday season

Embracing the Holiday Spirit, 

As the chill of winter starts to set in, fear not! The Fair has your comfort in mind. Step into the exterior courtyard and let the tower heaters keep you snug as you wander through the artist vendor tents. Imagine sipping on a warm drink, surrounded by breathtaking artistry, and feeling the holiday spirit come alive.

Taking Selfie
Candle Store Owner

Step inside one of the three pop-up workshop spaces and channel your inner artist. Create a heartfelt handmade gift for a loved one, guided by skilled artisans who are eager to share their knowledge. From candle-making to stained glass, terrarium building, and beyond, you'll have the chance to learn and craft alongside the best in the business.

Christmas Market
Church Bells

Sounds of the Season

This musical extravaganza is set to add an extra layer of magic to your weekend visits, offering a diverse range of musical experiences that will leave you humming along and tapping your feet. 

Waterfront Art Fair comes alive with the rhythmic beats of holiday favorites, both old and new. Talented DJs will be taking over the stage, spinning a curated selection of festive tunes that will have you swaying and dancing in the crisp winter air. From timeless classics that evoke nostalgia to modern hits that capture the spirit of today, every Saturday promises to be a lively celebration of music and merriment.

Sundays bring a heartwarming touch to your weekends with live performances by choirs and bands representing local Baltimore middle schools, high schools, and colleges. All coming together to create a symphony of voices and instruments. The air will be filled with harmonious melodies that evoke the true essence of the holiday season.

From beautifully arranged carols, to contemporary compositions, and soulful renditions that tug at your heartstrings. These performances are a tribute to the rich musical heritage of the region, showcasing the talent and dedication of Baltimore's rising stars.

Choir Performance

Baltimore Waterfront Fall Arts Fair 

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Vendor Fees and Rules


1. Vendor Fees:

a) 8'x8'  Tent:

  • Cost: $350 per weekend (Saturday & Sunday)

  • Tent Size: 8'x8'

  • Includes: one 8' table, and two chairs

b) 10'x20' Workshop: INDOORS 0r Tent

  • Cost: $650 per day

  • Workshop Size: 10'x20'

  • Includes: Workshop space, access to power outlets, 6' work tables.

2. Load-In and Market Hours:

  • Load-In: 9:00 AM daily (11/25, 11/26, 12/2, 12/3)

  • Market Hours: Noon to 5:00 PM

3. Product Guidelines:

  • All Art & Goods must fall within an average price point of $5 to $1000.

  • Products can include original art, crafts, prints, and holiday gift items.

  • Items should be holiday-themed or suitable for the holiday season.

  • Products should be handmade or designed by the vendor; no mass-produced items allowed.

4. Vendor Responsibilities:

  • Vendors are responsible for setting up their own displays and tables.

  • Displays should be attractive, professional, and adhere to the holiday theme.

  • Vendors must staff their booths throughout market hours.

  • All vendors must maintain a clean and organized space.

5. Rules and Regulations:

  • Vendors must adhere to load-in and load-out times to ensure smooth operations.

  • Vendors are responsible for their own transactions; cash and card payments are recommended.

  • Each vendor is responsible for collecting and remitting applicable sales taxes.

  • Vendors should respect the event's family-friendly atmosphere and refrain from offensive or inappropriate content.

  • All tents, workshops, and stands must be decorated and maintained in a festive manner.

  • Vendors are encouraged to promote the event through their own channels.

6. Booking and Payment:

  • Vendors can book their spaces online through the event's official website.

  • A non-refundable deposit may be required to secure the booking.

  • Full payment must be made prior to the event.

7. Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellations made within a certain timeframe (e.g., 2 weeks before the event) may receive a partial refund, minus the non-refundable deposit.

  • Late cancellations may not be eligible for any refund.

8. Event Organizers:

  • Contact information for event organizers will be provided for any inquiries or assistance needed.

9. Compliance:

  • Vendors must comply with all local laws, regulations, and health and safety standards

This outline covers the vendor fees, rules, and guidelines for participating in the holiday artisan pop-up event. Vendors will be required to review and agree to these terms before booking their spaces. The outlined information provides a clear understanding of the costs, responsibilities, and expectations for vendors participating in the event

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