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Karamu House (A Joyful Gathering Place)

RAUNJIBA CREATIVE Support for theater sponsorship & marketing initiatives.

Our Goals:

3D Renderings for campaign content creation.

Development of 2 phase Online interactive experience

Creation of Live interactive activation concepts and strategies 


Current tasks:

1. Research and Understanding: Theater Background:

Understand the history, mission, and current state of Karamu House Theater.

Target Audience:

Identify the primary audience for the campaign - potential sponsors, donors, and the local community.

2. Create a Comprehensive Master Script: Discuss Physical Upgrades:

Outline the specific improvements such as renovations, technical upgrades, and facility enhancements.
Architectural Additions:

Conceptualize and communicate new architectural elements that will contribute to the revitalization.
Specialized Programming:
Outline the many unique and engaging programming to attract a diverse audience.

Phase Two


  1. Organize and execute a One-Day Open-House Event showcasing the rich history of the theater through guided historical tours, immersive art exhibitions, and a selection of diverse outdoor food trucks to enhance the visitor experience.


B. Extend exclusive invitations to celebrities, local political figures, as well as renowned actors and directors, to participate in the open-house event. Encourage them to engage with attendees and share their experiences at Kamaru House, amplifying the event's reach and prestige.


C. Coordinate live and recorded podcast sessions during the event, featuring onstage interviews conducted by the theater director or a designated host. Develop a set of 3-6 predetermined questions to elicit engaging insights from key guests, further enriching the event's content and providing valuable promotional material for future marketing campaigns.


D. Implement a large screen monitor strategically positioned within the theater to broadcast live web feeds featuring messages from key figures who are unable to attend the event in person. This dynamic element enhances audience engagement and ensures that the event's impact extends beyond its physical location.


E. Oversee the collection and organization of content generated by bloggers, photographers, and videographers throughout the day's festivities. Curate this diverse range of multimedia materials to create an extensive archive, which will serve as a valuable resource for future marketing initiatives, including social media campaigns and press releases.


Social Media and Press Content Schedule.


Week 1-4: Building Anticipation

Week 1:

  • Post teaser images of the theater's historical tours.

  • Share behind-the-scenes footage of art exhibitions being set up.

  • Countdown to the open-house event with daily posts.


Week 2:

  • Introduce some of the celebrities and local political figures who will be attending.

  • Highlight the outdoor food trucks and the variety of cuisines they'll offer.

  • Share snippets of interviews with actors and directors discussing their excitement for the event.


Week 3:

  • Showcase the theater director preparing for the live podcast sessions.

  • Share quotes from key figures who will be featured on the large screen monitor.

  • Release a blog post detailing the schedule for the event day.


Week 4:

  • Share a video trailer summarizing what attendees can expect from the open-house event.

  • Highlight the blogger, photographer, and videographer who will be covering the festivities.

  • Encourage followers to RSVP for the event and share the invitation with friends.


Week 5-8: Event Coverage

Week 5:

  • Live-tweet during the open-house event, providing real-time updates and photos.

  • Share highlights from the historical tours and art exhibitions.

  • Post interviews from the live podcast sessions with key guests.


Week 6:

  • Share photos and videos of celebrities and local political figures socializing at the event.

  • Showcase the diverse food options available from the outdoor food trucks.

  • Share snippets from the live web feed featuring words from key figures who couldn't attend in person.




Week 7:

  • Release a recap video of the open-house event, featuring memorable moments and interviews.

  • Share blog posts with in-depth interviews with some of the key guests.

  • Highlight any media coverage the event received.


Week 8:

  • Continue sharing content from the event, such as behind-the-scenes photos and candid moments.

  • Encourage followers to share their own experiences from the open-house event.

  • Share user-generated content from attendees, such as photos and testimonials.


Week 9-12: Engagement and Follow-Up

Week 9:

  • Launch a social media contest where followers can win tickets to upcoming theater productions.

  • Share throwback photos from the open-house event to keep the excitement alive.

  • Highlight any donations or support received for the theater's fundraising efforts.


Week 10:

  • Share highlights from the blogger, photographer, and videographer content archives.

  • Release exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the event.

  • Encourage followers to subscribe to the theater's podcast for future episodes.


Week 11:

  • Host a Q&A session on social media with the theater director or other key figures.

  • Share updates on the progress of the fundraising campaign.

  • Highlight upcoming events or performances at the theater.


Week 12:

  • Share testimonials from attendees of the open-house event.

  • Highlight any improvements or renovations made possible by fundraising efforts.

  • Continue to promote the theater's fundraising web page and encourage donations.


Week 13-24: Sustaining Momentum

Week 13-24:

  • Alternate between sharing throwback content from the open-house event and promoting upcoming theater productions or events.

  • Continue to engage followers with behind-the-scenes glimpses, interviews, and contests.

  • Provide updates on the fundraising campaign and how donations are being utilized to support the theater's initiatives.

  • Encourage followers to visit the theater's website and fundraising web page for more information and to contribute to the cause.


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