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Designer and fabricator of custom furnishings for home & hospitality. Our design process insures efficient safe and on time execution of all projects.
Providing cohesive and effective support for interior designers, contractors, developers and architects.
RAUNJIBA, built by professional artisans  

since 1996.


“In every girl’s closet I believe you’ll find a perfect fitting pair of jeans, a fun t-shirt, a few eccentric pieces of jewelry and a fly handbag or two. My goal is to create something unique that becomes a key piece in your wardrobe.” - Melani (Owner & Designer of MelliBelli)


The creator of Mellibelli has been a fashion apparel and accessories designer since 2001. As a child, Melani learned her way around a sewing machine from her Grandmother. True to her nostalgic nature, she has preserved her grandmother’s sewing machine which she occasionally uses to this day.


Melani loves everything vintage and pre-loved. She believes that not only is it healthy for the planet but it could also be healthy for our spirits to be able to experience something beautiful that maybe had another life. 


Melani specifically loves to take leather & suede skirts or vintage T-shirts and jeans and turn them into something new. Including reworking carefully curated vintage jewelry. All of her pieces are handmade and one-of-a-kind, essentially wear-able art.  IG: @mellibellicraft

The Bishop GALLERY

The Bishop Gallery Baltimore

The Bishop Gallery aims to provide emerging and established artists with an intimate space to connect with their audience and the expanding Baltimore art scene. We embrace all artists of varying cultures, genres and means of artistic expression. We hope to forge a lasting relationship with the artists who show in our space and the surrounding communities. Art can be a catalyst for bringing together communities and inciting conversations of change and development. We want to be the venue, where the ideas that bring about change happens.

Classes & workshops available.

The Bishop Gallery Presents: The Select Preview


The Bishop Gallery has curated a selection of works from a variety of artists whole they will feature in exhibitions during 2021 & 2022. These artists will be included in The Bishop Gallery's schedule of shows in both their Brooklyn and Baltimore RDC location. The aim of this installation is to introduce the TBG artists to the Baltimore community, giving them a taste of what to expect from The Bishop Gallery. 


The artists choosen for this select preview include, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Sophia Dawson, Quiana Parks, Zeph Farmby, Juan Carlos Pinto, Alexis Adler, Alexandre Keto, Alim Smith, Justin Gilzene, Ron Draper, Alice Mizrachi, Ernie Paniccioli, Victoria Ford, Yenovk der Hagopian, Brandon Hill and more.


Supporting emerging artists and making the arts more accessible in the city of Baltimore is at the core of The Bishop Gallery's mission.